4 Advantages of a Small Form Factor PC

Factor PC

You may have been hearing about a kind of desktop PC being referred to as a Small Form Factor, SFF. Don’t let the word “small” throw you off. These are anything but small in anything other than form, or in this case, the physical size. There are actually several advantages to be found in an SFF PC that you might want to be aware of the next time you are in the market for a new desktop.

1.Tiny but Powerful

As mentioned, these tiny PCs may be small, but you should understand that they are more powerful than most, if not all, laptops and often not much heavier. They have CPUs (Central Processing Units) and GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) as fast and reliable as those in the average size tower. A small form factor desktop has all the power you could expect in a desktop, but the size can be misleading. Take the time to view deals at lenovo.com so that you can see just how cost-effective a PC of this caliber can be.This just might be another surprise you aren’t aware of!

2. Superior Cooling Capability

Due to its small form factor, these PCs have superior cooling capability. They can power cooling fans on the chassis as well as having a CPU with a good heatsink. The GPUs on small form factor desktops also have superior cooling capability so all the way around, you will be getting a computer with all the power and less size and heat. Also, you will find that there is less noise as well. To learn more about the benefits of compact form factor gaming PCs, visit this website: https://newsupdatesnow.com/

3. Easy to Upgrade or Expand

One of the issues many people have with laptops is that they are not all that easy to upgrade unless you take them to a shop. Some are extremely tricky to access the motherboard and getting that keyboard back in place can be a real nightmare for the layperson. However, a desktop is usually constructed in such a way that loosening a few screws will enable you to slide the housing off so that you can see your extra memory slots along with easy access to any other parts you may want to upgrade and replace.

4. Easily Transported

Ah, here comes the bonus you probably didn’t think about. You would probably never think about transporting your PC when going on a weekend trip or vacation, so you tend to think in terms of a laptop. An SFF PC is extremely lightweight, often no more than a few pounds heavier than that laptop you’ve been lugging around. Since they are fitted with an HDMI connection, as long as there’s a Smart television where you will be going, you only need to bring along that HDMI cable to connect to the set.

It’s amazing just how far computer technology has advanced in just the past few years and that is never more apparent than with small form factor towers. Sadly, tower seems like a bad term in this case because an SFF is anything but towering. If you haven’t researched the benefits of an SFF desktop, it may be time to do just that.