Financing a Duplex: Process of Getting a Loan for A Multi-Family Property


It is very risky to invest in real estate. You are not going to find the right property easily, and the more difficult thing is to have finance for this investment. As a beginner, if you want to invest in real estate, you can save yourself from a difficult situation with the help of a duplex. To find out more about the main danger associated with real estate investments, visit this website:

When you have a duplex, you have the option to live in a portion of the house while renting the rest of it to someone else. On the other hand, as you are living in your property as your own, it will be easier for you to get the financing.

Every important aspect that you should know about financing a duplex:

  • What is a Duplex?
  • In which case can you live in a duplex?
  • What are the conditions for investing in a duplex?
  • How can you finance a multi-family home or duplex?

What is a Duplex?

When a property is divided in two living spaces, it is known as a duplex. It is just like having two homes in a single property. Both of these spaces have their own entry gates, and even some have separate outdoor spaces and garages.

You cannot compare a duplex with a twin home because they have two lots and two homes and are considered as two different properties. But in the case of duplex, a single mortgage can cover both of the units.

Multi-family home:
In a multi-family home, there are different units of the home in which multiple families can live. This term is mostly used to describe those homes that have two or four units. You can say that a duplex is a type of multi-family home.

In which case can you live in a duplex?

After buying a duplex, you will be the owner-occupant. You can live on one side of the home while renting out the other one. There are several advantages you can get after buying a duplex.

Easy Financing:

If you are investing for the first time in real estate, then living in a duplex is considered to be the safest investment. The reason it is easier to invest is that it is very simple to get finance for the properties with owner-occupant status rather than having no owner-occupied properties.

Other Unit Can Help You Pay Mortgage:

The rate of real estate varies according to the location. So it is possible that the rent paid by the residents of the other side of the unit might cover all of the mortgage payments every month. Even if it is not, it can almost cover a substantial amount of the payment.

Share Only One Wall:

Even if you want to have some privacy in your portion of the house, you can only get one wall to share in a duplex.

Option to Build the Rental Income:

You can start building your income with a duplex. When your rental cash starts to flow, you can move out from the 2nd unit and rent that portion as well. So now, you have extra money that you can use to get another property.


Even though you can get a lot of benefits from a duplex, there are some disadvantages of living in a duplex property as well. For example, you might not like your neighbors, and you also have to pay for the maintenance and repairs of the property when needed. It is not just in your own unit but for the other as well.

What are the conditions for investing in a duplex?

You have the option to get a multi-family mortgage, rather than living in a duplex. In this way, you can rent out both units of the duplex. Suddenly if you need urgent money – you can always ask one of the loans company to take a loan online. One of good company is They give a personal and payday loan in minutes thru internet. If you need you can try. If you finance a Duplex in this way, it includes the following benefits:

More Rental Income:

You will have more rental income if you rent out both units of the duplex. It will help you in the increase of cash flow.

Don’t Live Next to Your Tenants:

You can keep yourself away from this hassle by renting out both units of the duplex so that you won’t get bothered by your tenants. They won’t be able to come to you since you are not living next door. They will only contact you in business hours if they are facing any issues.


In some cases, it will be harder for you to finance a duplex if you are not living in one of the units. So you might need a bigger down payment, then the loan will be considered an investment loan.

How can you finance a multi-family home or duplex?

If you want to live in a duplex, then it will be easy to finance. But if you don’t, then it will be considered an investment property. If this is the case, then you have to pay a bigger down payment to fulfill the lender’s requirement. For further information on the required down payment for multifamily properties, visit this website: