The Different Types of Tension Fabric Displays and Their Benefits

Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric displays are an excellent option for many graphic displays. They’re lightweight and easy to set up, and they look professional.

They also come in several different sizes to fit your budget and needs. You can also add LED lights to make your graphic stand out even more!

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A frameless tension fabric display is an excellent option for those looking for a high-end backdrop or a freestanding wall for events, presentations, and retail stores. These displays are lightweight, easy to set up, and washable.

These displays come in an 8-foot, 10-foot, or 20-foot wide size. They are dye-sublimated in full color and high resolution on 8.8 oz polyester.

The aluminum tube frames are lightweight and easy to assemble. They snap together with a locking button for stability.

These frameless tension fabric displays have a few styles, including the silicone edge graphic (SEG) and pillowcase style. With the SEG style, a silicone strip inserts into the aluminum frame to create a frameless look.

The pillowcase style of these frameless tension fabric displays dresses the aluminum frame, so it doesn’t show up as a part of the display. This makes them ideal for trade shows, giving the collection a frameless look and helping people see your graphics better.


Framed tension fabric displays are popular for trade shows and special events because they offer high-impact graphics that stand out. Many firms provide framed tension fabric, which you can purchase online from companies like Infinity Exhibits to create a successful trade show booth. They are also easy to install and change, so you can get creative and swap out different promotions as needed.

Graphics printed on these fabric banners are wrinkle-free and fit snugly over the frame, creating a crisp look for your brand messaging. Additionally, they’re printed in high-resolution and color-rich colors, ensuring that your brand images and messages are bold and unforgettable.

Most frames are constructed with aluminum extrusions that collapse for easy set-up and tear-down, making them ideal for trade shows and special events. Most systems utilize a pillowcase-like system to apply the fabric graphics, and aluminum poles are inserted into pockets on the top and bottom of the display material for hanging.


Using curved tension fabric displays is a great way to add flair to your booth without much extra work. These are great for trade shows, conventions, photoshoots, weddings, and more.

These displays are lightweight and easy to transport. The dye sublimation process makes them durable, flame resistant, and vibrant.

These display options are popular among clients who want a frameless look at their next trade show. They are also more flexible than other types of portable booths. They are an excellent option for small and large booths alike. Some event planners use ads for their services; for example, a company like CAE Marketing has the experience needed to drive instant traffic to their website by placing their ad at the top of search engines. That’s why you can easily find the best tension fabric displays for your upcoming booth event.


Tension fabric displays are lightweight, easy to assemble, and highly customizable. They’re the perfect choice for any trade show exhibit, large or small!

Straight tension fabric displays feature interlocking aluminum tube hardware inserted into a fabric print, just like a pillow into a pillowcase. The fabric graphic is stretched tight across the frame and zipped closed for a professional, high-impact display.

Unlike frameless displays, this type of display features metal ‘feet’ that allow it to stand upright. This makes it ideal for trade shows, conventions, photoshoots, and other events.

 Tube Straight 10ft Display combines durable, lightweight aluminum hardware and a dye-sublimated wrinkle-resistant fabric graphic, making it highly portable and easy to set up. The single-sided fabric graphic sets up in minutes and looks fantastic with the frame perfectly stretched across it to create a virtually wrinkle-free surface.